HOUSTON – 2017 is ending on a devastating note for a north Houston man after a fire burned his home of more than a decade to the ground in minutes.

Family members are helping the homeowner salvage what they can from the house firefighters say is a total loss.

His children said while they're heartbroken for their father, they're also grateful, calling it a miracle he made it out alive.

Along Carver Street in Acres Homes, the Casas family stood in the cold, taking in the destruction of the heat.

“It's just amazing how he made it out alive,” Frank Casas, homeowner's son, said.

“He” is Frank Casas' father, Francisco.

The owner of the home swallowed by flames around 4 a.m. Friday.

Casas says the fire started in the pickup under the carport, quickly spreading to two other vehicles and then the entire home.

Casas, his wife, and another person able to escape after being woken up by the truck alarm and seeing flames out the window.

“There was no exits, burglar bars through the house. It's a miracle,” Frank Casas said.

Hours later, the flames have died down, but the feeling of loss has grown more intense.

But while the Casas family doesn't know how the fire started, they do know that what survived.

“Material stuff, that can be replaced. My dad can't,” Frank Casas said.

Casas did have insurance, and his children say me they'll sort it all out and help him get back on his feet.