HOUSTON -- The mother of four young children says she’s thanking God her entire family made it out of their burning home alive. A mobile home belonging to the Cardenas-Villatoro family caught fire before 7 a.m. Thursday.

Multiple Houston fire trucks responded to the blaze along 34 ½ street near Golf Drive in Garden Oaks.

Fire investigators are focusing their attention on the back portion of the mobile home which is where the kitchen was located. Mother Marisela Cardenas says she thinks her gas stove is linked to the fire.

Cardenas says she grabbed each of her children, who range in age from just a year old to 11-years old, and got them out of the house. The family escaped with just the clothes on their backs, but no shoes on their feet.

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“Well, it was coming out of the windows and like up in the ceiling. All the way into the trees,” said neighbor Paulo Herrera who worried the fire might spread to nearby mobile homes.

But recent rain soaked the trees and wet the ground. A lack of wind kept the fire at bay and Houston firefighters were able to gain control of the fire in a matter of minutes.

Cardenas says the family will receive help from the American Red Cross.