The crisis in Puerto Rico is not just impacting those on the island, but the millions of relatives and descendants of the islands who live right here in Houston.

Friday morning Sonia Gutierrez got together with people who still have family members in Puerto Rico at the Campesino Coffee House in Montrose. They shared stories and resources over some “cafesito.”

The conversation was captured on Facebook Live “my sister and family live in Cidra, I have not heard anything” wrote Tracy Thrift in the comments. Lorena Mendez Santiago was a part of the conversation at the coffee shop and she responded, “my friend has family there” she said, “a lot of the streets are battered because a lot of trees fell down.”

Special thanks to Carolina Garcia, Carina Lopez, Valeria Arce, Melvin Berrios-Soto, Lorena Mendez Santiago, Hector “Perucho” Rivera, Michael Soto, Cristina Chinea and Camille Cruz for meeting KHOU at 4:30 a.m. to do this story.