HOUSTON - Dangerous lightning pummeled the northwest side Sunday night. One of those bolts sliced through James Beasley's home. It erupted in flames and all Beasley and his family could do was watch.

"We're pulling down the street and we see a massive fire and we say there's no way that's our house," said Beasley.

It was wishful thinking from a man who thought there was no way Mother Nature would zero in on his home again.

But Mother Nature did. For the second time in a year, Beasley found himself sifting through what was left of their belongings.

"Last April, our house that we were staying in flooded," said Beasley. "We lost all our furniture there."

Photos from April 2016 capture the first time James lost almost everything to Houston floods. Three months ago, he'd just moved his family into a new home and then this happened.

"I was so sad when I saw it on fire, we had just settled in, got our furniture and started our whole life again, and now we have to start all over again," Beasley said.

But this time, they're not alone.

"Our hearts went out to them because it was horrific," said neighbor, Debbie Jordan.

Neighbors started a GoFundMe page and they've been stopping by all day trying to help.

"They'll figure out a way to bounce back, but if we can do anything to help them do that, that's what we're trying to do," said Jordan.

The support means everything to a family that's having to pick up the pieces once again.

Beasley said he's grateful what really matters was left untouched and crossing his fingers Mother Nature won't choose to strike a third time.

"What are the chances it'll happen again..." said Beasley.

If you'd like to help the family, you can donate here.