HOUSTON – A Houston family traveled to El Salvador on Monday to be reunited with their father and husband who was deported for being in the country illegally.

Since February, Rose Escobar says she’s been trying to adjust to a more difficult life.

“It's been hard,” shared Escobar. “I've been struggling being mom and dad, it's not an easy role. There are nights where I cry myself to sleep.”

Rose’s husband Jose, was deported after being in the United States for 16 years. His family says Jose was brought to America by his mother when he was 14-years-old. Searching for a better life, he found one in his American wife; together they had two children.

“We are living our happy American dream and it was just ripped away and it's not fair,” said Rose.

Rose says her husband has no criminal history and was working with ICE, trying to stay in the country legally at the time he was deported.

“We followed the rules. We did everything ICE asked us to do and when you follow the rules you should be rewarded.”

However, ICE officials say the father of two has known deportation was a possibility for years.

In February, ICE released the following statement:

“On Feb. 22, Jose Ernesto Escobar, 31, was arrested at the Houston ICE office when he reported on an order of supervision. An immigration judge ordered Escobar removed from the United States in 2006, but instead of departing the country, he became an immigration fugitive. ICE re-arrested him in 2011, and he entered ICE custody. Mr. Escobar failed to comply with his removal order, and in January 2012, the Houston ICE field office director exercised prosecutorial discretion and released Mr. Escobar on an order of supervision so he could get his affairs in order prior to his removal to El Salvador. At this time, Mr. Escobar will be processed for removal from the United States.”

On Monday morning, Congressman Al Green stood by Rose Escobar’s side at the airport before her departure to visit her husband. Green says he is sending a letter to President Donald Trump to ask for his help in resolving the matter.

“He deserves to be here where he has made a home and a life for himself and is not a criminal,” Green said. “The President should use his awesome powers of justice to assist this family.”

The Escobars are now waiting for a judge to reopen their case and once they get home from El Salvador next month, will continue fighting to get Jose back into the country.