HOUSTON --  Family, friends and fellow law enforcement officers gathered Thursday to celebrate the life and mourn the death of Assistant Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood. 

He was ambushed and gunned down earlier this week after arriving at work at a county courthouse east of Houston. 

"One of the best persons I've ever known, one of the best persons you ever met" said Montgomery County sheriff's Lt. Tim Cannon. "And whoever this coward is, will be brought to justice."

Cannon told thousands of mourners that Greenwood, 57, "was always the smartest guy in the room."  He described him as a consummate professional, meticulous with details and the first to lend colleagues a hand.

The gunman who killed Greenwood is still on the run.

"This is a horrible situation.  And they couldn’t have killed somebody who was more respected by the whole law enforcement community and the county at large," said Harris County Judge Ed Emmett, who was among the mourners. "Clearly there’s an overwhelming sadness. There’s the initial anger."

Photos: Deputy's family honored following funeral

Greenwood spent 30 years in criminal justice, as a deputy, defense attorney, prosecutor and investigator of police misconduct. 

Greenwood's daughter, Catherine, shared touching stories about her dad's struggle as a single father when she and her brother were young. She joked about him trying to braid her hair in first grade.

"He was really proud of that hairdo," Catherine said. But it looked so bad a teacher finally intervened and offered to teach Greenwood how to braid hair. 

"I love you dad and I am so thankful that you are my father," Catherine said. 

His son, Chuck, remembered his dad as a tough disciplinarian who taught him many valuable life lessons. 

"He was a master of all trades who managed to master quite a few, but to me, he was just dad," Chuck said. "Through all the years, one thing hasn't changed. He is my hero and he still is."

Photos: Memorial service for Deputy Greenwood


After the service, Greenwood's wife pleaded with the public for information about her husband's killer. 

"If anyone has any information about my husband's death, please report it," Leatha Greenwood pleaded. "Come forward and let us know everything."

KHOU 11 News has been in constant contact with Baytown Police, the department leading the investigation. They’re interviewing anyone and everyone who could have had a reason to harm Greenwood. That includes several men involved in a corruption case he handled years ago.

Photos: Procession for Deputy Greenwood

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