GALVESTON, Texas- A first-grader wants protection after she endured several days of physical attacks from a school bully in Galveston, the girl’s mother said.

Armani Webster is 8 years old. She loves math and evenings with her grandmother, Sheryl Webster. In retirement, Sheryl Webster considers her jos as Armani’s guardian to keep her on schedule and surrounded by love even when one fourth grade bully makes it hard.

“She kept it in for a whole week,” Webster said. "For a whole week, she didn’t come to me to tell me. She didn’t tell Tiffany. She didn’t tell the bus driver. She didn’t tell the teacher. Who do they tell?”

Last week, on Armani’s birthday, she says a bigger and older student took her homework and punched her over and over in the back.

“It’s (because) I stepped on another kid’s paper,” Armani said.

Two days later, a second attack put Webster in the hospital.

Sheryl said the principal, assistant principal at LA Morgan Elementary and a lieutenant with Galveston ISD Police. Sheryl said all three claimed to be investigating the attacks on Armani, and they promised to take care of her but refused to discuss any plan to handle the bully.

A district spokesperson told KHOU 11 News she could not comment and provided no details. Armani’s cousin could not help jumping in.

“She got embarrassed today when I walked her to the bus because I got on the bus and I told all the little kids,” Tiffany Gant said. “I made them all stay in the front, and I said if you guys are being bullied you don’t have to accept that.”

Armani said she still fears going to school and will only relax when certain that someone is watching her back.