HOUSTON - This week marks four months since Harvey took its heaviest toll on the Houston area. The storm dumped a record amount of rain and ruined thousands of homes.

Bible passages and other positive messages are now part of one Pearland family's rebuilding process.

“Through wisdom a home is built,” said Kristina Curry as she wrote one passage on her wall. Psalms, Luke, Ephesians, and Chronicles are now part of Curry's rebuilding process.

“As many blessings as I can get in the house is going to be better for the house and for the positive energy I want to put back into the home,” said Curry.

Her family's home was destroyed by Harvey and remains a work in progress.

“We did a disaster loan from the SBA, so we're doing it ourselves to stretch that money out the best we can,” said Curry.

The re-construction site is now Curry's canvas as she solicits positive messages from family and friends. Some of them are stopping by to personally write them on her walls. Others are sending their ideas remotely.

“A lot of them are out of town or out of state right now and so they're sending their passages via private message or stuff like that,” said Curry. “I'll write on the wall for them.”

Contractors will come by Friday to install insulation. New sheetrock will then cover some of the walls.

“With all the destruction we went through and all the hardships we went through, I wanted a way to remember in a special way,” said Curry.

Curry says what's hidden beneath will endure in her home forever.

“I don't care what faith you are as long as it's positive,” said Curry.

Curry says she'll keep adding messages as long as she can and welcomes any input from KHOU viewers.