HOUSTON - The families of two wounded Houston Police officers shot in the line of duty spoke out publicly for the first time Wednesday.

Officer Jose Munoz's wife Jazmin and Officer Ronny Cortez's brother Danny say their loved ones are doing well and in great spirits but the last 24 hours have been very hard.

"It's a call nobody's ready for," said Munoz. "You never expect it."

HPD officers remain hospitalized after Tuesday's shooting

Munoz and Cortez were rushed to two different hospitals Tuesday after being shot by a cold-blooded burglar while they responded to a call. Luckily, both men are expected to survive.

HPD released new information Wednesday afternoon regarding a third officer involved. According to police, Sergeant J. Garza discharged his weapon and was the officer who killed one of the suspects involved. Garza was not injured.

Munoz suffered minor injuries when he was shot in the foot. His wife says he will be released Wednesday evening.

"We're partners," said Munoz, speaking about her husband. "We started this and we're going to finish it."

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Just down the street, Cortez remains at Memorial Hermann Hospital. He's no longer in critical condition after undergoing surgery to remove the bullet that was lodged near his spine. Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo says the threat of paralysis is very real, but Cortez's optimism continue to inspire.

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"He's preparing for the worst, but we're hoping for the best," said Cortez. "His first words to me 'at least I get to build up my upper body now'."

"If I could bottle the spirit of those two guys and inject it into people both in the community and the police department, and other departments across the country, I would," said Acevedo. "They're phenomenal."

Now, the investigation continues. HPD confirmed the deceased shooter was a known gang member. They do not believe the second burglar still on the run fired at officers but they want to get him off the streets as soon as possible.

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"You can turn yourself in or you can wait for us to come get you," said Acevedo.

If you know anything, please call Houston Crime Stoppers at (713) 222-8477. For more information on how to help the officers and their families, visit assisttheofficer.com.