They are quick, perceptive and incredibly hungry.

They're not Texans, but birds.

At the club's training camp at The Greenbrier resort, it's more than just football for the fans in West Virginia.

There's another sport there which has been performed for more than 4,000 years: Falconry, a means of hunting with a trained bird, like a hawk.

KHOU 11 News tagged along for a lesson with a tour group and found these birds will do anything, go anywhere and fly past anyone for a piece of meat.

Cody Morgan is the falconer and has been here for more than a decade. His position starts with a two-year apprenticeship. Through consistent and constant training, he now has these birds on the attack or on people's hands.

So the next time you hear how the hungry the Texans are for action, know they have nothing on the falcons (and hawks) here.