HOUSTON - Looking for something fun-ducational to do over the holidays? Head over to Houston’s Museum District.

The Emperors' Treasures is making a rare stop in North America, with everything from gems and gold to ceramics and games.

Inside Houston's Museum of Fine Arts is the visiting exhibit of China's imperial art. Visitors stroll past the collections from the 12th to 20th century rulers.

Museum goer Merrily Labarthe says, “To see the nephrite, the jade, the brass - every part of it was amazing.” Her husband, Darwin Labarthe says, “It’s a marvelous panorama of centuries of Chinese history.”

9-year-old Anamieka Vance asked her grandmother to bring her, saying “I really love to make things. I love to do art. I just like it.” Her grandmother, Paula Sneed adds, “We just like to be exposed to all different things. We try to hit different museums every few weeks. She wanted to come to this museum today.”

The Emperors’ Treasures is on loan from Taiwan's National Palace Museum. Its director Jasper Lin calls this a great introduction to Chinese culture and history, saying in Chinese, “The exhibit covers a millennium, from the Northern Song to the Qing Dynasties.”

These items were not public items for display. Houston Museum of Fine Arts Asian Art Curatorial Assistant Beatrice Chan explains, “All of the objects are personal collections of the emperors, kept in their private studio for them to enjoy and play with.” Chan adds, “We have the finest ceramic objects, jade, lacquerware, enamelware gold and precious stones. They were categorized and catalogued by emperors for their own personal enjoyment.”

It’s not easy highlighting 1,000 years of art with 166 objects. They reflect changing tastes and technologies, like snapshots of art and history.

The Emperors’ Treasures is on exhibit through the end of January. Admission is $15.00.