Tuesday morning’s flooding shut down North Freeway frontage roads. It swamped vehicles and nearby homes.

Some residents say they start to worry every time it rains heavily.

“Since we’ve lived here, it’s flooded maybe four times,” Skye Banegas said. “So I guess when it’s good, it’s good, and when it’s not, it’s not.”

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The good news for her family is most of the water remained outside.

“Probably knee-high here,” said neighbor Rosa San Miguel.

She woke up to furniture floating on the first floor.

“I’m trying to move some of the furniture upstairs,” San Miguel said. “I lost all my papers, everything got wet, clothes and everything.”

Not far away, Omar Orozco stayed dry in the back of his linen service delivery truck after getting stalled along the North Freeway.

“I was here around 4:30, and it didn’t really look all that bad, you know?” Orozco said. “But like they say, don’t drown, turn around.”

It took a monster truck to finally free him and other drivers.

“The truck drives you, you’re not driving the truck,” Richard Reynolds said.

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Reynolds drives to wherever he’s needed, free of charge. Others with Houston Area Off Road Recovery do the same.

“We do a lot of benefits for children with cancer, fallen police officers, fallen firefighters and the military,” Reynolds said.

And they’ll hit the road again the next time floodwater threatens.

Viewer photos: Heavy rain, flooding around Houston on August 8, 2017