HEMPSTEAD, Texas – The DPS trooper who pulled over Sandra Bland has surrendered to Texas Rangers. Brian Encinia was indicted Wednesday on a perjury case. 

Encinia is being taken from his home in the Houston area to the Waller County Jail. 

His bond has already been set at $2500. 

A grand jury decided Wednesday that Bland's arrest back in July didn't go down as Encinia claimed. If convicted of the perjury charge, the trooper could face up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

The same Waller County grand jury decided in December to not indict any sheriff's officials or jailers in Bland's death, which was ruled a suicide.

Bland's family in Chicago held a news conference Thursday morning. Here's what her mother said about the indictment.

"A class A misdemeanor, I can't be expected to be excited about that, because I feel there's so much more that he should have been indicted on."

The family says they expected Encinia to be charged with assault, battery, or unlawful arrest.

The Department of Public Safety announced Wednesday Encinia will be fired because of the perjury indictment.