HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - Mass adoption events, where a county judge approves dozens of adoptions in a single day, are happening all across the Houston area.

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. Thirty children were adopted in Harris County Friday. But, it’s a drop in the bucket when the Texas Department of Child Protective Services confirms about 3,900 Texas children are waiting for their own forever home.

“Here in Harris County there are 700 children who still need a forever family,” said Tiffani Butler, a spokeswoman for TX CPS. “I mean, really the only requirement is you have to be 21 or older. You just have to be financially stable. You don’t have to make six figures to become an adoptive parent.”

After about two and a half years going through the process, Shernell Haywood adopted her eight-year-old niece Neveya.

“I want her to stay close to her family. And to be able to interact with all her cousins, all her aunties on both sides of her family,” said Haywood, who also has three other children.

Kevin Hartman and his partner, Larry Barnes, decided they wanted to adopt when the couple first met 12 years ago. Hartman says the couple spent 680 days going through the adoption process for two brothers, Jacobi and Landon.

“The moment they called us and said there was two of them, we said yes,” exclaimed Hartman.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can foster or adopt a child who is in the custody of the State of Texas, click here.