HOUSTON - Sunday’s power outage in Atlanta resulted in a shutdown of the busiest airport in the world.

Flights in and out of Atlanta were canceled and did not resume until Monday morning. However, the Houston Airport System reports a ripple effect from Sunday’s outage. Five flights in or out of Bush Intercontinental Airport were canceled. A flight to Hobby Airport was delayed but only by less than an hour.

Atlanta airport power outage: What we know now

Jason Fifer managed to fly into Houston from Atlanta Monday afternoon. When asked about the mood inside Hattsfield-Jackson International Airport, Fifer said this, "People who were there, who I heard talk about it, said it was almost, like, apocalyptic.”

When asked if a massive outage could happen at Houston airports, spokesman Bill Begley said, “Yes, if you had an event as big, or an impact as big as what Atlanta had, then yes, it could happen here. But, we have plans in place that we drill on regularly that make sure if there’s a primary power outage, that we have backup power available to make sure all the tools and all the machines that make it necessary for you to get to your destination still operate.”

Begley says airport staff regularly review the contingency plan that’s required by the Federal Aviation Administration. Emergency plans are also reviewed ahead of holiday travel.

“Especially during the holidays when we see an increase in traffic volume,” said Begley. “We’re going to make sure that all of our facilities are up to snuff and ready to roll.”