HOUSTON- Having a ticket to Super Bowl LI cost thousands of dollars. However, a group of friends in Houston claim they snuck into the game with a ladder.

While KHOU 11 can’t confirm they really pulled it off, the group documented their whole journey through videos on Snapchat and YouTube.

First, you see the four friends sneak through fences at NRG Stadium. Then they walk past security carrying a ladder, as if they work at the stadium. They claim they found the ladder on the property.

The guys also have several videos recorded inside the stadium during the game.

The friends spoke to TMZ Sports after the game.

“We walk in. Security says nothing. We walked by like ten cops. They just looked at us. We walked through, got into the Super Bowl and watched the entire game,” one of the men told TMZ.

An NRG spokesperson directed questions about the incident to the NFL. The NFL has not commented about whether they are looking into how the men got past security.

Watch full video here. (viewer discretion is advised for graphic language)