DICKINSON, Texas -- Sometimes, all it takes to feed a soul is a sandwich. Down in Dickinson, sandwiches are part of the mission for three moms.

“I really felt like, ‘I can do this. I can do this for Dickinson. We as moms can get out there,’” says Colleen Sparks. “We might not be able to do drywall with our kids, but we can make sandwiches.”

That’s what they do every day, filling paper bags with sandwiches, chips, fruit and a little love.

“We are trying to feed 100 people a day with sack lunches because we have so many people still out there working,” Sara Daniel says. “They just still have such a great need for things.”

Once the sacks are packed, it’s time to hit the road to see who needs a little soul food. The women drive around hard-hit neighborhoods, looking for people working to gut houses or homeowners who just need a bite to eat.

“Hi, we have some sack lunches. Are you guys hungry at all?” Sparks asks out of the passenger-side window to one team pulling debris from a home.

The two guys gratefully accept a sack lunch and Gatorade, thanking the women as they pull away.

“This is not just a sandwich. It’s not just a sack lunch. This is our entry into these people’s lives,” says Leah Frakes. “It’s our foot in the door to help these communities that are overwhelmed. They don’t know who to ask for help. They don’t know how to ask for help.”

They might not know how to ask for help, but folks like Miss Dottie appreciate when it arrives.

“It’s like Christmas. It’s a joy to see them come in and support. I feel like we’re not alone. There’s somebody out there helping us and it’s great,” she says. “People who care. That is the biggest thing that helps me get going every day to see you guys come over here with these lunches.”

Before Frakes, Sparks and Daniel leave Miss Dotty’s front porch, they let her know they’ll be back tomorrow.

As the women continue on their route, they receive a text notifying them about a group of 12 who needed lunches on the other side of town. They buzz over there, finding a team of volunteers from Omaha helping a complete stranger gut his home.

“It really brings me a lot of joy,” Frakes says, after distributing sack lunches and drinks to the crew. One stop after the next, the moms on a mission help feed Dickinson’s rebuild, one sandwich at a time.

“To be able to give back is our goal and I don’t think that’s going away any time soon,” says Sparks.

They’ve also started adopting families, helping take care of any needs they can.