DICKINSON, Texas- “Every cloud has a silver lining.” That’s what a sign read posted above a pile of flood debris in Dickinson.

It’s hard to believe when you see all of the water-logged rubbish that lines street after street.

“I’m a 70-year-old man, retired, social security,” said Martin Rieck. “And this is where I’m at.”

Martin Rieck is trying to keep his spirits up despite what high water did to his home of 18 years.

Volunteers helped him strip it down to the studs.

“I had flood insurance,” said Rieck. “But, for some reason, there was no content. So, our content is sitting out there on the lawn.”

Rieck was among hundreds who left their homes for dry ground as water inundated the area along Dickinson Bayou.

We shot video along the flooded Gulf Freeway at Hughes Road on Sunday, Aug. 27 as people were rescued by boat, bus and dump truck.

The next day, mostly Dickinson evacuees took one-away flights to Fort Worth via four Texas Air Guard C130s.

“I’m just glad we’re together,” said Sara Golden before she boarded one of the planes with her three young children.

Her daughter, Paisley, had a parting message for friends and neighbors.

“I hope they’re safe and no one dies or gets injured,” said Paisley Golden.

We found out where Golden and her kids lived before leaving Dickinson. It’s an apartment building now expected to be demolished as a result of extensive water damage.

Golden told us via text that she’s meeting with FEMA in Dallas to try and replace the things she lost in unit #11.

“Through the grace of God we’re alive,” said Rieck. “We’re just in a holding pattern.”

Golden, Rieck and many in Dickinson are awaiting aid while trying to salvage what they can from their former homes and lives destroyed by Harvey.