HUMBLE, Texas – A baby girl taken during a carjacking and left in a dark, cold alleyway is now safe and reunited with her mom, all thanks to a Harris County deputy constable, who found her just in time.

That deputy told KHOU 11 News he found the baby girl still in her car seat.

She was there for two hours, in the freezing cold. But that's not all.

The alleyway is surrounded by garages. The deputy said the fact that a car didn't back into her is a miracle.

Surveillance video showed the alleyway just after she was dropped off. A car can be seen zooming off in the corner – a small car seat with the 7-month-old still inside.

Deputy Constable Brandon Villa. a rookie on the force, was the one who found her. He said, after getting the call about the missing girl, he noticed an abandoned car seat at an alleyway near Greenbriar Colony. Hopeful, he checked inside, and it was the baby girl. He said she was smiling, despite having been out in the cold.

Many are now calling the 24-year-old deputy a hero, but he says he was just doing his job.

“I mean, this is part of the job. We come here every day, and it's our job to do things like this. You know, I went out there with the mindset of finding the baby and perpetrator, and that's just part of the job, and we just have to come in and make sure everybody is OK,” he said.

Deputies still looking for the suspect. They said he's the man that took off with the baby and her mom's black Nissan Sentra at a Shell gas station at Aldine Westfield and Treaschwig Monday night. The mother stopped at the store and left the car running. The two were later reunited at the alleyway.

If you have any information on this, give the Precinct 4 Constable's Office a call.

Villa says let this be a good reminder to never leave your kids unattended in a vehicle.