WALKER COUNTY, Texas – The search for a missing Conroe woman is over, after her body was discovered Saturday morning off a trail in the Sam Houston National Forest.

Authorities said 55-year-old Theresa Kirkpatrick disappeared Friday morning, while out with her husband.

But after a late-night search party turned up nothing, her family says they decided to search for her themselves, and found her after they say the man closest to her tipped them off.

Theresa Kirkpatrick was someone her family says, you just couldn't help but love.

"My sister was an amazing person, she loved her family, and was very much loved by her family" said Mike Kiser, Kirkpatrick’s brother.

The glue that held everyone together.

"She was like a second mom, she was always there for us," said Kiser.

But her life was cut tragically short.

Saturday morning, her family says they discovered her body on a trail at the Sam Houston National Forest.

"It's just not right, she didn't do anything to deserve something like this," said Kiser.

Her family says the man closest to Kirkpatrick, her husband, was the one who tipped them off. Mike Kiser says he visited his brother-in-law at a nearby hospital after he was taken there Friday for dehydration.

"I asked him where I could find my sister, and he told me how to get to the location," said Kiser.

Kirkpatrick was reported missing late Friday afternoon by her husband.

He told authorities the two had gone out to the forest around 5:30 a.m. in search of his dirt bike that had broken down overnight.

He went on to tell authorities, the two lost track of each other on the way back to his truck with his bike. And after searching for his wife for several hours, decided to call authorities for help around 4:30 p.m.

A story Kirkpatrick's family says doesn't add up.

"She had a herniated disk in her back, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, she would have never been out here in these woods like this," said Kiser.

The very woods Kirkpatrick's brother says, his sister’s husband, an avid dirt bike rider led them to.

“We found her right on the trail he said he had walked on,” said Kiser.

According to Kiser, his sister and her husband had been married for more than 25 years.

Walker County deputies are now working to figure out what happened to Kirkpatrick, and how she ended up in the woods.

Until then, her family says they'll come together, remembering the legacy she leaves behind.

“If you have somebody that you love, hold on, because you never know when they're going to be taken from you,” said Kiser.

This is still an ongoing investigation by the Walker County Sheriff’s Office.

There is no word on a cause of death at this time.