CYPRESS, Texas -- A Cypress Springs student claims his bus driver forced him to walk home over a problem with his identification card.

Earnest Charles IV came home late, sweaty and left out Monday afternoon. Instead of riding the bus home, Charles IV walked home nearly two-miles from school.

His father, a retired marine immediately ranted on a cell phone video he recorded. He is not happy.

“There was supposed to be somebody to look out for Earnest (IV) and the rest of the students prior all the buses leaving, and somebody didn’t do their job,” said Earnest Charles III.

Charles III doesn’t suffer foolishness. He is a hardcore, stay-at-home staff sergeant who demands discipline from his sons.

“If I get in trouble, he makes me do pushups,” his youngest son said.

The family moved from California to Cypress where schools offer secure bus transportation. Charles III requested bus service because he worries about his kids safety.

“It gives me a peace of mind knowing that my son is able to ride the bus and he’s being accounted for,” he said.

However, after final period Monday, Charles IV tried to get on his bus. His school identification card, which is required to board, was not recognized by the on-bus scanning system.

Charles IV claims the driver he sees everyday told him to walk home.

“The bus driver told me I have to get another ID the next day, which was $5,” he said. “I told her I was a student that rode the bus from the beginning of the year, and she told me I still had to walk home.”

Cy-Fair ISD administrators first heard about what happened from KHOU 11 News Tuesday afternoon. They are looking into the matter. 

A spokesperson also told us district policy allows students with ID problems on buses to get temporary replacements from their school office the same day.  Those students are also invited to ride a late bus home, the spokesperson said.

Administrators insist no student should ever be forced to walk home. Charles III never wants his kid left out again.