Cy-Fair ISD is building up instead of out. The district’s first four-story school is nearing completion and it’s designed with security in mind.

Bridgeland High School will eventually serve more than 3,000 students.

“There are so many moving parts that all come together,” said Cy-Fair ISD Chief of Operations Roy Sprague. Hundreds of workers are finishing up the two year-long construction.

“This is a multi-campus site on a 127 acre piece of property,” said Sprague.

The $165 million project will eventually include three new schools. Bridgeland High includes a four-story atrium.

“Platforms were built so students can socialize here, can do group projects if they want,” said Sprague.

Unlike a more sprawling school building, the vertical design actually allows staff to get to areas more quickly in case of emergencies. Administration suites will be located on each of the 4 floors.

Another security feature not only allows teachers to lock classroom doors but they can also shut off views from interior hallways with special curtains.

“We also have, I think, 134 or 136 security cameras that are placed throughout the building, the site,” said Sprague.

Those cameras will keep watch on the 3,000+ student body and anyone else who comes onto campus.

“Schools aren’t built the way they used to be,” said Sprague.

School begins at Bridgeland High on August 28th for 9th and 10th graders. Other grades will be phased in over time.