CROSBY, Texas - Hundreds of people who live near the Arkema Inc. Plant in Crosby finally got to go home Monday.

The plant flooded, lost power and the un-refrigerated chemicals sparked several large fires, prompting a large mandatory evacuation.

It’s only been week since Bobby Bryant had to leave his home of 50 years.

Evac orders lifted around Arkema plant in Crosby

“Got water up about three foot in there," Bryant said. When he left, the water was inside and still rising. He was moving his cars out of harm’s way when he couldn’t get back in.

“Evacuated. Barricaded off," Bryant said.

Flames rose high and smoke poured into the sky at the Arkema plant - the reason behind the evacuation. But a lot has happened in that week that Bryant’s been gone.

“If I could’ve got in here earlier, I could’ve stopped it," Bryant said.

The water has receded, but something has been left behind - tiny specks of mold now cover the walls, the ceiling and even the furniture. He has no idea if it’s even safe.

“How do you stop all of that mold? Can you stop it? I don’t know," Bryant said.

Bryant also runs a trucking company from home - an operation he couldn’t get to so he’s been out of business.

“I cant even run any of them because I couldn’t get to the office," Bryant said.

Crosby plant to initiate 'controlled ingitions' of remaining chemical trailers

Bryant is just holding on to hope that help will come from those who put him in this situation.

“My wife and I are too old to start over. What do we do?" Bryant said.

“I want to once again apologize to the people of Crosby," Arkema Inc. CEO Rich Rowe said. “We’ve set up a claims line where we will provide support to the affected parties, and as we go forward, and they return their lives to normal.”

But exactly how Arkema will help those hurt in the future is still up in the air.

“They have promised to come in and take care of us," Bryant said.

Arkema says it will continue to work with its neighbors and the community to recover from the substantial impact of Hurricane Harvey. For further information on these efforts, contact the incident helpline at 1-877-4ARKEMA.