CROSBY, Texas - Arkema officials said Tuesday that they've conducted controlled burns on all nine trailers filled with organic peroxide.

The plant in Crosby initiated 'controlled ignitions' of remaining chemical trailers to 'minimize the impacts to the community by the Arkema Inc. incident'.

By conducting the controlled burns on all nine trailers, they're no longer at risk of exploding.

Arkema released the following statement Sunday afternoon:

In a proactive approach, to minimize the impacts to the community by the Arkema Inc. incident, a decision was made by Arkema Inc. in coordination with unified command to take proactive measures to initiate ignition of the remaining trailers through controlled means. These measures do not pose any additional risk to the community.

Hundreds of people who live near the Arkema Inc. Plant in Crosby finally got to go home Monday after the mandatory evacuation was lifted for 1.5 mile perimeter.

Crosby residents return home after trouble at Arkema plant

Fifteen Harris County deputies were exposed to a 'non-toxic irritant' after a release of pressure from multiple small containers holding chemicals at the Arkema plant in Crosby last Tuesday. All were treated and released.

The incident was first reported by emergency officials as two explosions. Law enforcement later began referring to the situation as containers popping, spewing black smoke, and being on fire.

Assistant Fire Chief of Emergency Operations Bob Royall explained in a press briefing these were expected reactions that would lead to fires burning until the organic peroxide in the containers burned out.

Plant officials point to extremely high water and power loss from Harvey as the reason for another fire on Friday, which was burning organic compounds.

Massive fire burns at Arkema plant in Crosby