CROSBY, Texas- A Crosby man is beyond upset - he says over the lack of help he’s received from the Arkema Chemical Plant after he lost most of his home and even his pets.

Her name wasn’t unique, but it was simple.To Philip Mincey, she was just “Kitty."

“She was just a sweet little kitty. She didn’t do anything to anyone," Mincey said.

Mincey and his girlfriend were forced to leave their home during Harvey.

“Came in said you need to leave or you’re going to be leaving in handcuffs," Mincey said.

They live only half a mile away from the Arkema Chemical Plant.

“We left our chickens. We left our cat, our fish, our cows," Mincey said.

They had to leave their pets, but then, couldn't get back.

“We had people with guns telling us we could not come back here and feed our animals because of Arkema," Mincey said. “It’s hard to sleep when you know somebody relying on you is starving.”

And after the floodwaters receded, they first found the mold.

“You had to go all the way to 4 foot. There was mold on every bit of it," Mincey said.

And then, they found the little lives left behind. Some, including Kitty, were already lost.

“She didn’t deserve the treatment that she got," Mincey said.

The couple, now living on an air mattress with a cooler as their refrigerator, is trying to put their lives and home back together.

They hoped to get help from Arkema, but so far, the offer they’ve received: $2500 for evacuating and $125 dollars for Kitty.

“You killed my cat, and I'm not going to let you give me $125 for it. I don’t care if I don’t make any money on this. If Arkema thinks they’re going to pay $125 for my cat, they’re wrong. They can give it all to the SPCA, but they’re not going to get away with killing my cat for $125," Mincey said.

Mincey is beyond angry. He’s hurt, and feels helpless, but says he won’t be for long.

“All I want is to feel like they’re sorry. Whether they come to me and act like they’re sorry, or I go to them and make them feel like they’re sorry. That’s the way it’s going to be," Mincey said.

Arkema has responded with the following statement:

"In the Crosby situation, our priority was to protect people first, and we believe that was right. We also have worked hard to help local residents, who had to cope with this regrettable situation at a time that was already extremely difficult. During the evacuation, we set up an Emergency Hotline to answer questions around the clock, and we also set up an Assistance Center in Crosby to help our neighbors there meet basic short-term needs. Our team did the best it could at evaluating and responding to the individual situations of our neighbors. Our Assistance Center served hundreds of families, arranging temporary housing and transportation such as hotel rooms and rental cars, and in addition we gave out more than $100,000 in cash and gift cards for immediate needs such as food, clothing, or pet care.

In addition, we set up a Claims Center for residents to seek reimbursement for non-flood damages once they returned to their homes. While the overwhelming damage caused by floodwaters was already occurring prior to the fires at our plant, we recognize that the evacuation kept people away from their homes for some days. While some of our neighbors may have received payments of around $100-$150 from Arkema, this was likely given by the Assistance Center to help meet short-term needs. Our Claims Center has dealt with more complex issues and it therefore takes longer to make final payments to resolve claims. We have been working hard to help our neighbors return to normal life. In addition, the company also intends to donate $500,000 to local charities assisting residents."