Deputy Chauna Thompson once accused her now-husband of having problems controlling his anger and temper, according to court documents uncovered by KHOU 11 Investigates.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputy and her husband, Terry Thompson, are charged with murder after John Hernandez was strangled outside a Denny’s restaurant back in May.

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In March 2000, the couple wasn’t married when Terry Thompson went to court in an attempt to secure parental rights of the couple’s then-newborn son.

In her response, Chauna Thompson claimed in court filings that Terry Thompson “routinely used illegal drugs and used alcohol to excess.” She also alleged Terry Thompson “previously was under the care of a psychiatrist and has demonstrated problems controlling his anger and temper.”

She asked that Terry Thompson undergo a mental evaluation “to determine whether he is suitable for having access or visitation with the child in an unsupervised setting.”

KHOU 11 Investigates first brought these allegations to Terry Thompson’s lawyer last week, but received no response.

Outside the courtroom Tuesday morning, Chauna Thompson’s attorney had little to say when asked about his client’s claims.

“I’ll just respond by saying you can do all the digging you want, I’m just going to try the case,” said defense attorney Greg Cagle.

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Terry Thompson never filed a response to the allegations in court. That’s because the couple married before a judge could hold a hearing on the issue.

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