There are disturbing new details in the disappearance of a League City mother, Anne-Christine Johnson, 30.

Johnson's ex-husband Shaun Hardy is charged with murder. He's behind bars in the Galveston County Jail without bond.

Police told KHOU 11 News last week this couple had filed protective orders against each other. The documents KHOU 11 News obtained on Monday detail a violent and, at times, explosive relationship.

"Domestic violence is terrible," said Stephanie Johnson, Anne-Christine Johnson's mother.

It's a painful look back for the mother of Anne-Christine, who has been missing since Dec. 8. As her mom waits to hear if the body found Friday in the garage of her daughter's ex-husband is Anne Christine's, she plans to find a new purpose as an advocate for victims of domestic violence.

"I can do what I can to keep other woman from sliding into this spiral," Stephanie Johnson said.

It's a rocky relationship detailed in court documents. The couple filed for divorce in 2014. Then the next year, there were separate protective orders. Hardy filed the first one. A month later, Johnson filed one, too, saying, "He has assaulted me with a shotgun, threatened me with a knife and choked me."

Johnson says she was even hospitalized at Clear Lake Regional for treatment. "I am afraid that without this protective order, Shaun Philip Hardy will continue to hurt me or even kill me," she stated in the document.

Now, her mother hopes if anyone hears from a loved one who may also be a victim, they will not wait to get help.

"If that's the case, and you're sitting there watching this show, and you think you know of somebody, get on them right away," Stephanie Johnson said.

Both of the protective orders filed by Hardy and Johnson were later dismissed.

The Galveston County Medical Examiner's Office is now working to identify the body through dental records.