Dozens of Houston-area wedding vendors are in Las Vegas for a convention.

Some witnessed the deadly mass shooting’s aftermath Monday night.

“There were ambulances everywhere,” said Mary Bass of Galveston. “But the craziest thing was there was a Ford pickup full of people, and a girl laid down in the back and they were doing compressions on her.”

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Bass is a chef for a winery and wedding venue on the island. She wasn’t at the concert in Las Vegas. She rode past the giant crime scene on the way back to her hotel from another show.

At one point, she says there was an active shooter rumor there, too.

“Everybody was running and hiding, and all of the front desk people were immediately moving to the back,” Bass said.

Bass took to Facebook to update friends and family back home in the Houston area.

“When you start hearing about the shooting in Vegas.. We drove past that,” she wrote. “We saw a pick-up truck with people piled in the back.. Total chaos on the strip tonight. Pray Please.”

“They mobilized really quickly,” Bass said. “Like they had everything shut down and secure pretty rapidly.”

She knows healing will be a much slower process for the city she hopes everyone, everywhere, keeps in their thoughts.

Bass says the wedding conference continues in Vegas. It’s taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center where families separated during the shooting are also being reunited.