CONROE, Texas -- Texans love their beef and no one knows that more than Michael Majkszak, owner of Majkszak Meat Market in Conroe. 

Majkszak, 41, opened his meat market in 2002, but he's been in the food industry for the past 24 years. 

"When I was 17, I got the opportunity to work at a meat shop as a clean-up boy," said Majkszak. "Shortly after, I found the passion that I had for butchery and learned everything I could possibly learn."

Majkszak, who is also know as 'The Meat Man', estimates his shop cranks out about 1,000 pounds of meat daily. 

"Whether you have to cut 20 pounds of meat that day or you cut 2, have to cut it," said Majkszak. 

Majkszak's latest challenge involves being named the best butcher in Texas. He's one of three finalist vying for the title, which will be awarded by the Texas Beef Council at the end of April.

"If I fail, I fail and if that that happens, I'm not going to be a failure because I've made it this far."

Majkszak went up against three other competitors in the Houston division, including a butcher from College Station, and came out on top. In all, there were 14 semifinalists with competitors facing off in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. 

Majkszak will take on the other finalists, Bryan Butler of San Antonio and Shawn Knowles of Dallas, on April 29, 2017 at the Austin Food + Wine Festival. 

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