LA PORTE, Texas -- A local businessman is taking his fight against the City of La Porte to court.

Royal White Concrete Express and its trucking company, Adapted Logistics, filed court paperwork saying the La Porte Police Department is harassing and fining them thousands of dollars for violations that it hasn’t committed.

Royal White Concrete Express recently opened its facility off Barbours Cut Boulevard in La Porte to receive heavy shipments from the Port of Houston Authority. Barbours Cut is a county maintained road, but in a lawsuit, a businessman claims city police stepped-in, writing tickets for overweight trucks headed into the cement facility. Although, the county, who maintains the road, says it’s OK.

Royal White Concrete Express and Adapted Logistics did not return phone messages. Court documents say the companies want a restraining order against La Porte Police and up to $1 million from the City of La Porte.

An affidavit signed by a company driver says a La Porte Police officer ticketed two drivers with overweight trucks, ignored the county issued permit allowing them to legally drive on Barbours Cut and fined the company thousands.

The permit is from the Harris County Engineering Department effective May 2, 2017. La Porte Police Department says that permit doesn’t matter because the road is in city limits.

Over the phone, KHOU 11 asked La Porte Assistance Chief of Support Services, Ron Parker, why the trucks were stopped.

“We don’t recognize the exemption and it doesn’t apply to their situation,” Parker said.

Supporting court documents suggest the exemption does apply. In February 2016, the County Attorney’s Office looked into La Porte Police refusing to recognize the validity of the permits issued on the same stretch of road. It ruled, as long as the county pays for the road, the county has control over who may drive on it.

“I have no direct knowledge of that ruling,” Parker said.

For now, it appears both sides will haul their arguments into court.

Royal White Concrete Express court documents by KHOU on Scribd