It might be a new shelter, but some of the evacuees calling it "home" say it has similar issues.

The Red Cross moved 540 people, still recovering after Hurricane Harvey, to a warehouse on Houston’s south side.

That’s as many people as the organization says the building will hold. The evacuees are sleeping on cots, showering in trailers and the only restrooms available are porta potties.

“It’s heart wrenching to be in these conditions” said Alicia Minor, an evacuee. “Nobody is really listening and trying to help us.”

Before the weekend move, dozens of people at Houston’s downtown convention center complained to KHOU 11 News about the food being served at the shelter. Monday, despite the new location, that complaint continued.

A spokesperson for the American Red Cross tells KHOU 11 News they’re working to fix a few problems at the shelter, but for the most part things are running smoothly.

The Red Cross is working with FEMA and the City of Houston as they continue working to get evacuees moved to a more permanent housing situation.