If you’ve driven on the Katy Freeway lately, maybe you’ve noticed something one of our viewers pointed out.

Sally Barber emailed KHOU 11 News, writing “DOT decided to change the concrete to white concrete on this freeway, but in doing that and painting the striped lines white in between lanes, it is almost impossible to see the striped lines.”

On Thursday, TxDOT released the following statement:

"The white appearance is due to the grinding of the pavement. The striping you see out there today is temporary work zone striping. The work to grind and groove the pavement is done in phases. The first phase involves grinding the pavement in preparation of the grooving operations. This smooths out the pavement. The temporary striping was placed during grinding operations, as the machines removed the existing pavement markings. The second phase includes placing the longitudinal grooves on the pavement and crews are currently on this grooving phase. As work nears completion, the contractor will replace the temporary striping with permanent striping, which will consist of the contrasted white on black marking. We estimate this project to be completed by the end of August."

TxDOT uses several different kinds of permanent striping techniques. One approach includes a long black stripe, followed by a white one. Then there’s shadow striping, “which is a black stripe that goes underneath the white striping,” according to Perez.

Though the paint looks different, Perez says the goal is the same.

“We want to improve safety. It’s a constant thing we’re always trying to do, so we’re always looking at areas where we can do that. That includes striping and signage,” he said.

If you spot a spot that needs improvement, TxDOT wants to know.

“The traveling public is our eyes and ears out there, so when they see something out there, they need to report it to us,” Perez said.

You can report any freeway or paving issues here.