Pearland police posted on social media that volunteers should play certain songs to try and lure missing 9 year-old Marcus McGhee, if he’s hiding.

“Wheels on the bus” is one of the songs we heard some people playing as they searched.

“I wouldn’t want to be a mother without having help out here,” said volunteer Zelma Salinas.

She and others double and triple checked areas in their search for McGhee.

“I heard it on the news that they haven’t found him, so I said “I’m going out there,” said Salinas. “So just got dressed real quick and I’ve been out here.”

At one point Friday morning, Pearland Police tweeted that no more volunteers were immediately needed.

“When it’s a little kid, you know, you get a lot of people out,” said Jan Tipps with Texas Equusearch. “And when it’s a little kid with autism, you get a lot, a lot of people.”

Leslie Bennett felt a connection to the case because her 10 year-old son has autism.

“I feel like he’s probably just tucked away somewhere, like last night he was probably sleeping,” said Bennett. “Right now, I don’t know.”

“I got up to get dressed to go shopping, and when I saw it on the news, something said “go do your part,” said volunteer Arnelia Jackson.

In addition to playing his favorite songs, people on ATVs were told to drive slowly because Marcus may be attracted to them too.

“I’m hoping they find him,” said Bennett.

Everyone hopes that happens. And many planned to keep searching until it does.

“Everybody should be positive,” said volunteer Illeene Boyd.

Equusearch volunteers told us they’ve searched for children with autism before.

Several were found in dog houses and another in a BBQ pit.