Mary Lucid is wondering how much more she can handle.

Her 21-year-old son, Jeremy, died suddenly on April 13.

Her daughter was in a car accident four days later. She was treated for minor injuries, but Mary’s car was totaled. The other driver was at fault and they didn’t have insurance.

And that’s not all.

Jeremy and Kota 

Jeremy’s service dog, Kota, was in the car when the accident happened. In the confusion, he disappeared and no one could find him. Mary and her daughter were devastated.

After spreading the word on social media, the family finally got some good news when they learned a HCSO deputy found Kota and took him to a vet.

The dog was badly injured by the air bag, so Mary moved him to Blue Pearl Vet Hospital in Spring.

After spending a few days in ICU, Kota is ready to go home.

The driver who crashed into Mary's daughter didn't have insurance. 

Between Jeremy’s funeral expenses, hospital bills and the totaled car, Mary doesn’t have the money to pay Kota’s bill.

Friends are trying to help raise money while Mary focuses on Jeremy's funeral, which is Saturday. 

Blue Pearl is accepting donations on Kota’s behalf. If you’d like to help, you can call them at 832-616-5000.