PEARLAND, Texas - A Pearland mom is in the fight of her life. She's battling cancer again after beating it once before.

This weekend, friends and family are rallying around Rosa Monday.

"Anytime you hear cancer it scares you," said Monday, who now finds herself a cancer patient for the second time.

However, cancer couldn't scare her.

"I told my family, 'Don't worry about it -- I'm doing great,'" she said.

In 2001, Monday beat breast cancer.

"In the back of your mind, you always are scared that it could come back, but after so many years, I thought I was fine," Monday said.

Fifteen years passed.

"Very surprising, it was a total shock," she said.

Until this year, doctors diagnosed her again. This time, ovarian cancer Stage 3.

"I'm feeling weak. I'm having trouble eating," Monday said.

That's saying a lot for this now-grandma known for her tamales and the time she devotes to her grandkids. You see, after she beat it the first time, she lost her husband.

"He worked so hard while I was going through breast cancer," she said.

Monday stepped up to provide for her family, but her parents needed help, too. She bought a bigger house to take them in, but then she lost her father.

"I got very close to my dad," she said.

Now, family and friends are planning a weekend fundraiser for the woman who always stayed busy taking care of them.

"The one thing I'm hoping is it lifts her spirits for a little bit to see the community rally around her and the friends she doesn't even know she has come to her side when she knows she needs it," said Ram Aguilar with Stadia Sports Grill.

This grandma admits reversing roles isn't easy, but it's giving her hope.

"Yes, it is kind of strange for me to have somebody looking out for me, instead of me looking out for them, so yes, it's very heartwarming," she said.

The fundraiser is scheduled for 12 p.m. to 6p.m. Saturday at Stadia Sports Grill, 1853 Pearland Parkway.