He's still considered a suspect in the brutal murder of Josue Flores, 11. However, Andre Jackson is getting ready to walk out of jail.

Prosecutors made the stunning announcement Tuesday that they simply don't have enough evidence against Jackson. It’s the second time charges have been dropped against a suspect in the case.

Now, the Flores family is asking the community to help police find the one thing they need: concrete evidence.

"It's a shock, but nothing will bring back my little brother," said Guadalupe Flores, Josue’s sister.

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The long road to justice took another turn.

"My heart is shattered,” said Juan Flores, his father, who is still waiting for someone to be held responsible for the murder of his son.

"The best thing we can do is look out for each other because that's all there is right now,” Guadalupe Flores said.

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So, now the question is who killed Josue Flores walking home from school last year? The Harris County District Attorney's office had Jackson on surveillance video near the crime scene. However, they announced Tuesday DNA tests were inconclusive.

"In my heart, I know he is the killer but I know there's not enough evidence for them to keep him in jail but that's how the system goes if there's not enough evidence, they have to let you go," Guadalupe Flores said.

In the months following the murder, the near Northside community cried out about rising crime, and they are again.

"Chief Acevedo we ask you to come to the Northside community, it's been way to long since you've been in office and we have not seen you yet,” one resident said at a gathering of community leaders.

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However, this grieving family says don't get angry, get your neighbor's back.

"Just keep your eyes open, because my little brother's gone, but I know there's another victim out there that could go through the same thing as my little brother. So, try to keep your focus out for others," Guadalupe Flores said.

Investigators found a knife in a storm drain, but originally said it wasn’t connected. We still don’t if they ever got the actual murder weapon. If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers.

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