HOUSTON - Janice Nerio and her family had no problems finding parking at Hermann Park Tuesday morning.

But, as in years past, Spring Break can be a real “zoo.” “My experience is there aren’t always good areas to park,” said Nerio.

Some people plan to avoid it altogether. “All the traffic, the madness, yeah, I don’t want any parts of it,” said Dede Tolbert.

Congestion from Hermann Park to RodeoHouston is the primary concern for the city. The area will attract some 350,000 people per day between the next two Saturdays. That will put stress on the medical center, which sits in the middle.

“And they all just happen to be within five miles of each other,” said Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. “Naturally, mobility is an issue.”

Like during the Super Bowl, city officials say public transportation is your best game plan. METRO says it’s working with multiple partners to ensure a safe and efficient system during Spring Break.

“I won’t be anywhere around here next week,” said Tolbert. Preparations still aren’t enough to convince everyone to come back.

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