The city council member who tipped off police to a murder-for-hire plot involving a prominent Montrose veterinarian is speaking about the incident publicly for the first time.

Michael Kubosh said Wednesday he never wanted the publicity. In fact, he says he fears for his family’s safety.

However, since his name was unexpectedly mentioned by investigators in open court, Kubosh wants to set the record straight on the sequence of events that led to his involvement.

Kubosh, who runs Kubosh Bail Bonding near downtown Houston, said he agreed to meet with Leon Jacob on Feb. 23 after Jacob repeatedly called his business asking to speak with him.

“I’ve been in business for 20-something years, and I have never felt the way that man made me feel in my office,” said Kubosh, who had bonded out Jacob on a stalking charge.

Kubosh says Jacob was “very, very serious” that afternoon and repeatedly asked for the number of a man named “Zach," whom Kubush says he didn’t know.

“He said, ‘You know who Zach is. I want his number!’” Kubosh said. “’I’ve already paid him to take care of this matter. I want this girl out of the picture. I don’t want her to testify against me, and I paid him a lot of money.’”

Kubosh said he reminded Jacob he’s a city councilmember, and he’s required to protect all citizens in Houston. However, he says Jacob kept asking for the number, claiming “(Zach) changed it after (Jacob) was in jail.”

Kubosh says after more questioning, Jacob admitted the girl he wanted “out of the picture” was his ex-girlfriend he’s accused of stalking.

“He never said exactly what he wanted done other than he wanted her removed from this situation, even if he had to take her back to Pittsburgh,” Kubosh said.

Kubosh says Jacob became upset when the council member ended the meeting after 30 minutes due to a city-related Capital Improvement Project meeting he needed to attend in Kingwood.  However, on the drive there, Kubosh says Jacob gave him “Zach’s” old number, which his staff looked up.

“It came back that I had talked to somebody on Jan. 6, 2017 from that number,” Kubosh said. “That alarmed me, and so then I began to try to put this thing together.”

Kubosh says he called an assistant chief of police at the Houston Police Department, who immediately began investigating. Police put Jacob’s ex-girlfriend in protective custody the next day.

Court documents say “Zach” later told police Jacob had hired him to kill Jacob’s ex. Police then used “Zach” to set up a sting with Jacob and his new girlfriend, Valerie McDaniel. They allegedly tried to have their exes killed by hiring a hit man at a nearby Olive Garden. It turns out the man they were dealing with was an undercover police officer.

Jacob and McDaniel were arrested March 10 and charged with solicitation of capital murder.

“Looking back, I did the right thing,” said Kubosh, who admits his decision was still "troubling," especially after Valerie McDaniel took her own life on March 27.

“When you save people’s lives, I always thought that I would feel differently,” Kubosh said. “But it’s been a very stressful time. I did the right thing. I took an oath of office to protect and defend the citizens of this city, and I feel good about having done that.”

As of Wednesday evening, Jacob is still being held without bond in the Harris County Jail.

“Zach” was never charged in this case. Kubosh says he’s out on bond on a theft charge in Harris County, a bond Kubosh says he handled and requires periodic check-ins.