HOUSTON - A Christmas Eve robbery left one woman paralyzed and her shooter still on the loose.

Paxton Webb was shot in the back last year at Katz Boutique. Moments after she found out she was paralyzed, she also learned she was pregnant. She’s been in the hospital since April waiting for her due date.

Following the shooting seven months ago, Paxton found out she was four weeks pregnant with a baby she and her husband had been trying for years to conceive. Now, she’s focused on the future but says the two men who are responsible need to be caught.

Paxton remembers every detail about the night that put her in a wheelchair.

“I live with that night every single day," Webb said. She remembers the moment the bullet entered her back. “All of a sudden I get this ringing in my ears, and I'm falling backwards. And I see him step over," Webb said. She remembers the seconds she waited for help.

And now seven months later, she still remembers his face. “I see those eyes every night before I go to sleep," Webb said.

Paxton was left lying on the floor with a bullet in her back. She gave the robbers everything they wanted but still she was shot. Neither of them have yet been caught.

“It's not fair that I'm here and I'm having to basically re-learn how to live and both of those people are walking around like nothing ever happened," Webb said.

But after all the pain, it’s time for some love - Paxton’s ready to meet her little miracle.

“She's the reason I'm here. I think God did that for a reason. He gave me her for a reason because there’s no reason she should’ve survived," Webb said.

Paxton should be having her baby, hopefully through natural delivery, in the next couple of weeks.

If you would like to help Paxton or follow her journey, visit https://www.facebook.com/PrayersforPaxi.

If you have any information on who those two suspects might be, you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers.