It was a sweet Christmas surprise for one Houston family. A baby they'd been trying for years to have finally arrived.

He came early, arriving just in time for Christmas, and -- get this -- to have the same birthday as his mother.

He wasn't wrapped in a bow or stuffed in a stocking, but little Logan Wayne Streeter was the Christmas gift they always wanted.

“He was a blessing that we were able to even get pregnant," mom Hannah Streeter said.

But definitely weren't yet expecting.

“Then all of a sudden, her water broke, and we were kind of shocked," dad Joshua Streeter said.

That was Christmas Eve. About 10 hours later, at 8:25 a.m. Christmas morning, little Logan decided he wasn't going to wait.

“All of the results and everything said he was right on target for Feb. 3," Joshua Streeter said.

Logan made his Christmas debut at 5 pounds, 14 ounces, 5 weeks early.

“I think he wanted to unwrap some presents," Joshua Streeter said.

But wait, if that's not special enough, it just so happens that on Christmas Day 27 years ago, Hannah Streeter was born.

“He's our little miracle," Joshua Streeter said.

"For him to come on Christmas and my birthday, it's kind of crazy, so he's a very special little dude," Hannah Streeter said.

So mom and baby now share a birthday, and it just so happens to be on Christmas.

“I need to get a second job," Joshua Streeter said.

But dad says it's just meant to be, because his birthday is on Valentine's Day.

“It had to be on a holiday of some sort," Joshua Streeter said.

It's a Christmas morning this brand-new mom and dad will never forget.

“He said, 'Nope, this is my day,'" Joshua Streeter said.

And he's a Christmas gift that Santa will never surpass.

“Christmas is obviously a very special blessing in itself. It's the best Christmas present ever, but then on her birthday, it's even more special," Joshua Streeter said.

Logan is currently in the NICU at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital, but he is doing well. Mom and dad hope to take him home to his own bed very soon.