Police Chief Art Acevedo says his officers will go through emergency training to prepare for the state's ban on so-called sanctuary cities.

The new bill allows officers to ask about a person's immigration status when they have been arrested or detained.

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Critics of the bill say it will lead to racial profiling, but Acevedo said he will not tolerate that behavior in Houston.

The ACLU has issued a travel alert, warning those visiting Texas. It tells visitors that they may have their constitutional rights violated.

Acevedo said that's just not the case.

"Let's watch our rhetoric and know we are dealing with real people with real lives," said Acevedo. "We need to focus on what matters, and that's public safety."

Acevedo has referred to the ban as "detrimental to the tradition of crime fighting," but says he wants his officers to focus on protecting Houstonians.

The bill on sanctuary cities goes into effect in September.