HOUSTON - Saturday morning, nearly 400 Houston children got a dream come true: their very own bed, courtesy of Houston Children's Charity and Texas Mattress Makers.

"This is the best thing you can do. If you can give people who don't have, it's an honor," said Youval Meicler, owner of Texas Mattress Makers.

A crew of volunteers repeated that honor for hundreds of families, loading up their trucks, SUVs and trailers with bed frames, mattresses, box springs, sheets and pillows.

"We've been working with them now for four years, so this is a really big program for us. We're very passionate about it," said Rachael Gordon, also with Texas Mattress Makers.

That partnership benefits kids such as 15-year-old Oscar Ayala, who has shared a bed until now.

"I feel happy to have my own bed to myself," he said.

Deborah Norris waited in line with her family to get a pair of beds for her nieces.

"They don't know yet, so it's going to be a surprise for them," said Norris.

According to Houston Children's Charity, about 20,000 children throughout Houston don't have their own bed to sleep on.

This giveaway will put a small dent in that number.

"The mattresses that Texas Mattress Makers gives to these children are the highest-quality we've ever had," said Laura Ward, the charity's CEO & Executive Director.

"It's our honor to give his mattresses away because the quality is so incredible."

To donate to Houston Children's Charity or to learn how to apply for a free twin bed, click here.