HOUSTON - The case was thrown out for a homeless couple ticketed for sitting on a downtown sidewalk.

The couple went to court Wednesday where they were cleared of all charges. Curtis and Misty Owens say they were ticketed in November for sitting on the sidewalk with all of their belongings on Fannin near Prairie.

Their attorney believes the city's "civility ordinance" - which bans sitting, lying or putting personal possessions on the sidewalk in select neighborhoods during certain ours - criminalizes the homeless.

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"Feeling good. Ready to get on with it and now that this is behind me move on with my life and continue taking care of business," said Curtis.

The city has not commented on the couple's case, but Mayor Sylvester Turner has said that health and public safety are the reasons the laws are in place. The couple says they are no longer homeless after their nonprofit case worker and the Houston Housing Authority helped them find and pay for an apartment.

Curtis says he's continuing to look for a job, he hopes in security like he worked before.

His wife is expecting to give birth to their first child in two weeks.