This week some delivery drivers in Houston were caught on camera showing very little concern with what they’re delivering even throwing packages over fences.

Online shopping is a convenience consumers just can’t get enough of. We click then “they” ship millions of packages every day in what seems like a seamless process until, that is, it gets to your door.

This past week in the Rice Military neighborhood, three different delivery companies were caught on camera in mishandling goods. That includes a package for resident Crane Sorenson.

“I’m not going to call it laziness it's just lack of care,” said Sorenson.

Sorenson decided to review his surveillance camera after the package that was delivered had a lot of damage on box and to the contents inside.

“It was pretty much a lady throwing a box over the fence," said Sorenson. "There wasn't any concern about what were the contents or trying to protect it.”

Sorenson says packages are supposed to be left outside the gate and that those instructions were even printed on the label.

Just down the road from Sorenson, a neighbor shared another video which shows a delivery man open his gate, take a few steps then toss the package to the door. The owner posted the video to Facebook saying, “UPS guy showing off his bowling skills”.

A third neighbor, Jet George, had a similar video too which shows an Amazon delivery man throw his package over his fence into the bushes.”

“It's almost like he was playing basketball,” said George. “He just slam dunked it right into the bushes and it bounced off.”

Jet George’s item didn’t break and although he found the video somewhat entertaining he’s still annoyed.

“My first reaction was to smile and laugh! I couldn't believe that somebody has that disregard for other people's property," said George.

Most companies do have policies to replace items damaged during shipment which may include replacing employees too.