HOUSTON – With less than a day to go before Election Day candidates and their supporters are scrambling to gather as much additional support as possible.

Republican and Democratic campaign events are planned throughout Monday, democrats kicked off their day at Houston’s El Jardin Restaurant for a “Houston for Hillary” event.

“For Democrats this is probably our most motivated campaign I've ever been in,” U.S. Congressman Gene Green, D-Texas, said.

Both Green and state Sen. Sylvia Garcia feel this election is monumental for their cause.

“It's a final get out the vote push to make sure that all of our Democrats all of our Latinos get out and vote because this is a historic election,” said Garcia, who is pushing extra hard for the Hispanic vote.

That urgency to gain last minute support is just as strong on the Republican side. Donald Trump is a Washington outsider, something that is a big draw for his supporters.

“The fact that he's not a government person but he comes from the outside,” Shaun Hanson, a Donald Trump supporter, said.

Corruption is the theme Trump has consistently focused during his campaign and it’s a theme that continued over the weekend when one again the FBI decided not to press charges against additional Clinton emails found on a private server.

“She's being protected by a rigged system,” Trump said at a campaign rally on Sunday. “You can't go through 650,000 new emails in just eight days. You just can’t do it folks.”

For one more day these contentious issues take center stage, and then it’s up to the people to decide.

“I think every American will be happy tomorrow night after it's over because it's been such a contentious election. It's been one that hasn't been pretty to watch,” Green said.