A $100 bottle of Signorello Estate wine sits on a shelf at The Wine Merchant on South Shepherd.

Signorello is one of at least two wineries wiped out by still-raging California wildfires.

“We’re hooked up to all of the social media for the wine business,” said Wine Merchant owner Scott Spencer. “And it’s pretty bad.”

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He predicts a possible impact on some wine prices and even taste thanks to smoke absorbed by grapes.

“But all of the lives of the winery workers and their families is what I feel for,” Spencer said. “Kind of like with us and the hurricane.”

“It’s been really devastating,” said Dr. Madaiah Revana.

Revana is a Houston cardiologist whose heart is also in wine making. His name is on the bottles that his small Napa Valley winery distributes in 45 states.

“A little over 20 years ago, when I was in Tuscany, I thought, 'It’s so beautiful, maybe I should have a vineyard,'” Revana said. “That’s how it started.”

Revana is an expert in diagnosing medical ailments. His prognosis for his Napa property looks good based on reports from his staff.

“Except for the electricity we lost for 24 hours,” Revana said. “No problems there. We are lucky.”

Wine sellers and those who simply enjoy the fruits of their labor join the doctor in keeping California in their thoughts.

“We’re really concerned about it,” Spencer said.

Dr. Revana plans to travel to his winery this weekend. He says he’s going to pack a face mask in order to deal with any smoke.