Workers at the shopping center around the corner from the apartment complex where a suspected killer and kidnapper was caught say the woman was no stranger.

Police arrested Erika Miranda-Alvarez, 28, at 1 a.m. Thursday at the Windfern Apartment complex on South Gessner near Bissonnet. She has been charged with the capital murder for the stabbing death of Carolina Flores, 33.

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“Oh yeah, yeah,” said Save-N-Go clerk Linda Miah while looking at a newly-released mugshot of Miranda. “It's insane, but we've been in this block for 13 years, and nothing that happens in that complex could ever surprise me.”

The cashier at the nearby washateria says she saw Miranda and her boyfriend doing laundry at the laundromat last week. She says the couple only spoke Spanish and are Honduran immigrants.

The cashier said she did not notice if Miranda appeared to be pregnant.

Miranda is accused of faking a pregnancy after a miscarriage, then stabbing the mother of six-week-old Shamali Flores to death. Houston police say Miranda then took the baby.

“It's evil,” said hairstylist Carlos Harrison, who works at a nearby salon. “Pretty much, evil. Sad. Very sad.”