A Spring Branch mom says there is a bullet hole in her son's ceiling. She believes it's from people shooting guns in the air on New Year's Eve.

“My friends said it was a warzone. In the Spring Branch area, everyone was complaining about the same thing,” said Maria Garcia-Hocker.

Garcia-Hocker says her family rang in the new year at another relative's house.

The next day, they noticed what looked like a leak in the ceiling above her son's desk. That's when the teenager showed his mom what he found on his floor.

It was a bullet from a larger caliber gun, and the hole in the ceiling was a bullet hole.

“I was like, 'What is this?' We're all passing it around saying, is this really a bullet? Long story short my son was like, 'I didn't think anything of it',” said Garcia-Hocker.

Luckily, no one was hurt in the incident, but the Spring Branch mother is concerned about what will happen next time someone takes part in the dangerous tradition.

“If you're a parent doing this, if you're a father doing this, whoever…just don't. It could be your child,” she said.

Celebratory gunfire is an issue Houston Police and city leaders take seriously as well.

Council Member Brenda Stardig released the following statement:

“I have been working on the celebratory gunfire issue since the '90s as a community leader and now as the Chair of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee for the City of Houston. I plan on allocating District A Service Funds for overtime patrolling for HPD around holidays with the most calls for service. We need to put this practice to an end and to make sure that those shooting the guns will be pursued and caught. Please contact HPD with any details you may have regarding this crime."