While we enjoy a quiet weather pattern through the weekend, I wanted to take a quick break to thank the Houston Free Press and their readers for naming me, 'Best Meteorologist in Houston' for 2016.

"Brooks Garner, who helped Houstonians navigate this year's Tax Day floods when KHOU's more senior meteorologists were indisposed, brings a kind of everydude affability his more button-down counterparts at other local stations lack. He just seems like he would be a fun guy to talk weather with over a beer. In that way, Garner is very much an understudy to Channel 11's senior meteorologist, David Paul, but his regular presence on social media makes him even more accessible. Garner often responds to viewer questions in short Facebook videos that explain complicated weather-related phenomena in easily digestible terms, and he retweets viewers' pictures and videos of the weather, too."

My passion is keeping you safe when the weather gets bad, and for the other 99% of the time I love to chat with viewers. I'm honored that both things I do are not only evident, but recognized in a people's award. What an honor. If you ever see me around -- in the store, the park, wherever -- be sure to say hi!

Sometimes weather turns bad so fast in Houston it's all about being in the right place at the right time. I happened to be in this studio to broadcast this time, while next year it might be someone else. Either way, it's been fun (through this award) to meet people that may not have seen me yet and I'm thrilled to be part of a news team like KHOU 11, that brings world class coverage to Houston.

Now, who wants to grab a beer with me?

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Meteorologist Brooks Garner