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We checked with our KHOU 11 News team to find out what favorite tunes are on their playlists these days.

Brooks Garner

KHOU 11 News, Meteorologist

"Nothing beats two-steppin' with a good pair of boots."

A little about my musical taste..

I love everything from 60s Beatles to yesterday's hip hop. Somewhere in between I'll listen to everything from old time bluegrass to French-Canadian musicians like Leonard Cohen (RIP) and MC Solaar. I don't have one specific fav genre, though I'd lean toward roll down your windows, turn up the volume 80s rock anthems over newer pop. I guess every generation gravitates toward what they listened to as kids.

What do you like to dance to?

More like tap my boot to... Country two stepping of course to 90s country

Favorite dinner music?

Tommy Flanagan, "Something Borrowed, Something Blue."

Favorite song genre?

Rock and Country

What songs do you work out to?

I do long runs for my workouts and it's my time to really catch up on podcasts. Check out the, "Nerdist" on iTunes.

Favorite music download site?


Rock or Country?


What CD is in your deck now?

All my music is digital now

Favorite 80s song?

Huey Lewis - The Power of Love - But probably because it was used in one of the the first scenes in, "Back to the Future"

Disco or Hip Hop?

Hip Hop

Song you sing out loud to?

Whenever a Jimmy Buffet song comes on in the car, watch out!

Top 11 songs on your playlist?

Robert Ellis - "Sing Along"

Grateful Dead - "Jack Straw"

Biting Elbows - "Bad M"

Toto - "Africa"

Zedd - "Shave it Up"

MC Solaar - "Obsolete"

Strauss - "Blue Danube Waltz"

David Guetta & Kaz James - "Blast Off"

GDFR - Flo Rida

Jimmy Buffet - "Breath In, Breath Out, Move On"

Tear for Fears - "Everybody wants to rule the world"